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We can offer the taxi at low prices because we use the empty legs as much as possible. At night, there are fewer taxis and the chance that we can use an empty lag is much lower than during daytime. That is why prices for rides at night are higher than prices for rides during daytime and you might see the price of the ride changing when you change the departure time of a ride.

HURM makes the taxi affordable by using the empty legs of taxi’s as much as possible. To allow the planners to find that empty taxi each booking should be made at least one hour in advance. We encourage you to book as early as possible to increase the chances of finding an empty taxi.

Many of our taxi companies do not have any personnel in the office at night and have nobody that can schedule new rides. They do have taxi drivers working at night, so if you do need a taxi after 10 PM you can still order a HURM taxi as long as you order one before 10 PM.

You can only order a new HURM taxi between 07:00 (7 AM) and 22:00 (10 PM). When you order a taxi after 22:00 (10 PM) that has a pickup time before 07:00 (7 AM), then the pickup time will be automatically modified to 08:00  (8 AM). If you want to be picked up during the night, that is possible, as long as you make the booking before 22:00 (10 PM).

We have agreements with taxi companies throughout the entire country, but there are still areas where we do not have an agreement with any taxi company yet. When you try to order a taxi in one of those areas you will get the message that your location is outside of our work area. We continue to work hard to be able to offer a taxi in the entire country. Until that time, you can check on our website if there are HURM taxi’s available at your location. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Unfortunately it is not possible yet to add additional addresses for people to be picked up or dropped off. You will be brought straight to your destination. Reason for this is that the price is calculated based on a direct route from the pickup location to the destination.

The phone number of the driver will be made available 15 minutes before departure. You can call the driver from that time onwards either directly from the app or, if you ordered from the website, by following the link in de confirmation mail you received after placing your order.

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