About Hurm - How we make the taxi affordable - only € 1,25 per km

Why we started with HURM

HURM was started for the consumer and for the taxi companies

An affordable taxi

Hurm was created because of the frustration of two entrepeneurs about the kilometers they were driving with an empty car. They came up with the idea to offer these kilometers at a low price so that both customer and taxi driver profit from these empty kilometers. This way Hurm can offer the taxi at a low price.

The name HURM

We get a lot of questions where the name HURM comes from. Well, it is the nickname of Herman, one of the founders. When we were looking for a name we came up with and dismissed a lot of names and we eventually decided to choose HURM.

Who we are

Herman Mandjes has years of experience as an entrepeneur and driver for Captains of Industry. Herman has a lot of knowledge about the taxi business and a large network. He is a true entrepeneur with a lot of enthusiasm and perseverance.
“I have been an entrepreneur since I was 21 years old. In 2000 I started as a taxi driver in Amsterdam. For three years I worked as a taxi driver with a Saturday night shift and driver for CEOs. From there, I ended up at a listed company as a regular executive driver. In the next ten years I have transported the CEO and CFO of that company and I have taken various training courses and expanded my knowledge of the taxi industry. After this period I started working as an entrepreneur again. Together with my children, I started an Executive Car Service company for the luxury segment of the taxi industry. From here, my network has grown within the taxi industry. I have learned a lot more about the industry and have examined how it can be organized more efficiently. Based on that knowledge, Hurm was created.”
Quint Mouthaan started as a software developer and went on to become a project manager at an IT consultancy company. He managed international projects for several multinationals. Quint is analytically strong and result oriented.
“During my time studying at the TU Delft I was already thinking about starting my own company. Yet it was many years before I took the step. After graduating from university I started as a software developer. After working for a number of years, it was time for a new challenge and I moved on to a consultancy company as a software developer and later a project manager for various international projects. I had a great time there, but when Herman approached me to start Hurm, I realised that this was something that everybody benefited from and I decided to become part of Hurm.”

  • You pay prices from € 1,25 per kilometer with a minimum of € 20,-.

  • You are quickly and safely brought to your destination, directly from door to door.

  • HURM only uses certified companies and licensed drivers

  • With our app or on our website, you can order a taxi quickly and easily.